The Fest

Last Saturday I had the joy of going to my first beer festival of 2020. We called up a grandparent, and Kristin and I ran off to the Alliant Center for the 11th Annual Beer and Cheese Festival. This is a massive event featuring over 120 breweries, mostly from Wisconsin, and about a dozen cheese companies. There was live music provided by dueling piano players, and several of Madison’s finest food carts.


First, the cheese. I had a ton of it. All good. It was pretty incredible that at an event this size no one ran out until the end. I have to say, my favorite was Capri Cheese. They’re a goat creamery out of the Drifltess Region. They completely changed my expectations of what goat cheese can be.


One of the coolest aspects of this event was their app. I was able to track the beers through it and rate as I went. As these things happen, I stopped because… well… drinking.

Here are the highlights:

ESB: My favorite style of beer had a few contenders. The Boxcar English Amber from Raised Grain was terrific

Cider: Loon Juice had a surprising showing with some ciders. American Cider is growing up, and Loon Juice is a good example of that.

Indeed Brewing: This is a microbrewery that deserves more of my attention. Terrific beer, and their Mexican Honey Lager is unlike anything I’ve had before.

Driftless Brewing Company: I’m heavily invested in this brewery. They are the nicest people, and make good beer. Here’s by line on them: “They make traditional beers exceptionally well.”

Great festival, I can’t wait to go back someday. It provided an opportunity to spend some time with my wife, may parents, and other friends. I can’t recommend this event enough.