2018 was a long year.

The year started me with leaving Madison, WI to join the Army Reserves. I didn’t come home until August. It’s been a long year.

Upon coming home, Kristin (my wife) and I started trying to conceive. We immediately got pregnant and were overjoyed. Then we lost the pregnancy. It’s been a long year.

Republicans were finally defeated in Wisconsin’s Gubernatorial race. Wisconsin Republicans immediately passed Lame Duck legislation to cripple the Governor’s office. It’s been a long year.

Assholes still don’t believe women when they say that they were sexually assaulted. It’s been a long year.

But now 2018 is over. 2019 is here.

I’ve had my blog Mike Learns Tech running for a couple years now. That project was put on hold for much of 2018 due to my chaotic life. This year I will be more on track.

I’ve also started a new blog here. This is just a place for me to write and share what’s going on with my life. I like the control my own website gives me, so I’m excited to move forward.

Now don’t worry. You can still read about my tech adventures at tech.mikehelmers.com helmers.io

Welcome to 2019, and a new home for Mike Helmers on the Internet.

Edit: on 01/25/2012 to update m tech blog