I love my wife, Kristin Helmers. She’s simply the best. Today we both overslept, but she woke me up. In a panic I started going through my daily motions and started with the most important thing, making James’s bottles.

In my morning fog Kristin came up and told me to go shower. I either smelled or she knows that I function far better when clean. Either way, I showered. When I came out, she had James’s bottles done and a lunch made for me.

I love this woman.

I get dressed and take Wendy out. I come back in and Kristin tells me to go to work, she’ll drop James off at daycare.

I love this woman.

When I come home Kristin calls me and says “I owe you good tacos. Want to go to Cucos?”. We then have tacos for dinner.

I love this woman. She’s a wonderful person, a beautiful woman, a terrific wife, and a fantastic mom.

I’m really lucky.