2019 Photography Challenge: Week 3

2019 Photography Challenge: Week 3

Inspiration: Black and White

This week: you get a black and white picture of Miss Wendy Helmers!

Born: December 30, 2015
Wendy is a Treeing-Walker Coonhound living with Mike Helmers and Kristin Helmers in Madison, WI. She loves snuggles, burrowing, and chewing things. She is most known for being the most adorable and most agile of the Helmers Hounds.

Like her namesake, Wendy Davis, Wendy Helmers is an aspiring politician, she has founded the Wendy Party to represent the causes nearest to her heart. The Wendy Party believes in the expansion of dog access across all aspects of society. More dog-friendly restaurants and an increase in off-leash parks. The other major platform is a decrease in alcohol-related legislation in order to help wineries, microdistilleries, and craft breweries.

She loves all people and all things. Wendy aspires to lick every person on this planet and say hello. Her favorite cousin is Nutiket, despite his propensity for running around in ugly sweaters.

A true booze hound, Wendy’s favorite brewery is the Wisconsin Brewing Company. In close second is Capital brewery, at which she was named Miss Dogtoberfest 2017 in a unanimous vote.